Manufacturing Test


XCaT is one box LTE Small Cell Tester for Development and Manufacturing. It is used to test repetitive E2E call/throughput with 3GPP R9 compliant EPC and Application server embedded in one box. XCAL’s core functionalities are available in control SW.

Test Configuration

Use XCaT to

  • ・Use to eNodeB and/or HeNB development, test, demo and etc. without real network connection
  • ・Customers
    • ・LTE Small Cells manufacturers
    • ・LTE operators


  • ・User Friendly GUI interface for Easy settings and autonomous FTP throughput testing
  • ・Pass/fail judgment based on configurable throughput and/or error rate
  • ・3GPP R9 compliant EPC protocol stacks
  • ・Configurable EPC parameters
  • ・Application server embedded
  • ・4 RF ports for LTE Small Cell Testing
  • ・Call Statistics display after FTP Throughput Test
  • ・Exporting test results into text and EXEL formats