XCAL-Smart is the total solution that runs various kinds of applications(FTP, HTTP, Ping) using App(XCAL-Mobile) installed in smartphone and reports the results to XCAL.

XCAL displays and collects all application test results received from App as well as the diagnostic monitor data like layer1,2,3 messages collected through USB connection in real time.

It measures QoS most accurately(Quality of service) which real users perceive and test multiple smartphones with less CPU consumption.

XCAL-Smart System Configuration

Use XCAL-Smart to

  • ・Execute various application (FTP, HTTP, Ping, etc) in smartphone
  • ・Send the results to XCAL via USB(ADB) or BT in real-time
  • ・Display and save real-time application result measured in smartphones and DM data on XCAL
  • ・Support various smartphones and Android OS (up to Jelly Bean 4.1)
  • ・Easily able to configure control setting (App installation and control, etc)
  • ・Support more numbers of mobiles for data quality measurement than existing XCAL
    • ・In case of Single(including XCAL-MPM), supports up to 4
    • ・In case of XCAL-P8+, supports up to 8
    • ・In case of XCAL-MO II(5 slots), supports up to 20
  • ・Support various chipsets (Qualcomm, Samsung, etc)
  • ・Secure reliability of connection status between XCAL and mobiles using ADB and etc
  • ・Support TCP/IP packet message (real-time display and collection)


  • ・Performance
    CPU load is low since tasks such as Autocall execution, DM Data collection, Event declaration, etc are performed by each smartphone
  • ・Measurement Quality
    Measured by Application installed in smartphone, equivalent to user’s QoS(Quality of Service)
  • ・Stability
    Low Error occurrence rate
  • ・Convenience
    As all measurement processes are carried out in mobile side, no need of configuration for data connection